Liquid Colorants

They are colorant concentrates in a flowing form obtained by dispersion of high-grade organic, inorganic, and carbon-black pigments among the within the featured ones to color polyurethane systems. All products are manufactured in accordance with the quality standards. The employees, who are experienced in rapid color comparison and new formulation development, formulate them in modern laboratories to achieve the best result. With a wide range of colors, specific additives, and continuously improved and enhanced product performance, we offer the best solution for the finished products.


They are used to color the polyurethane parts in the vehicle in the automotive industry, to color the shoe soles in the footwear industry, to color bed foams, armchair, and table fittings in the furniture industry, to color hard or soft flexible foams  in the packaging industry and in any industry in which polyurethane systems are used.



  Basic Features

• It has an excellent compatibility with all polyurethane systems

• Optimal pigment dispersion by modern dispersion machines

• High painting power

• Does not damage the form of the finished product

• Perfect dosing and rheology feature

• Causes no migration

• High light-fastness

• Mixing ratio between 1% and 5%

• High thermal stability

• Customer-specific production


  Fields Of Application

Footwear Industry

• Safety Shoes and Footwear

• Shoe and slipper soles

• Orthopaedic soles and polyurethane boots etc.

Automotive Industry

• Steering wheel, gear selector

• Cockpit panels

• Door armrests

• Door panels etc.

Furniture Industry

• Flexible and hard foams

• Foam blocks and molded foams

• Parts of table and seats


• Insulation

• Decoration

Mold Release Agents

Mold release agents are chemical mixtures that form a film layer between the polyurethane and the mold to allow the polyurethane parts to detach easily from the mold without causing deformation. The mold release agents, which has water-based and solvent-based types, provide operational and competitive advantages to the companies in terms of use rates. It does not damage the mold used and it does not cause any dirt in the mold.


  Basic Features

• Dry surface

• Wet surface

• High gloss, semi-gloss

• Matte, semi-matte

• Soft/medium/hard films

• Low consumption

• Ease of use

• Cost-effectiveness

• Smoothness on the surface


• Mold release agents for automotive industry

• Mold release agents for footwear industry

• Mold release agents for furniture industry

Spray & Dipping Paints

They are fast drying solvent-based paints and varnishes that are produced from the raw materials such as polyurethane, PVC, thermo-material etc. and they adhere perfectly to the shoe soles thus providing the desired effect and value to the product and enhance the protection of the sole against external conditions.

  Basic Features


• Excellent adhesion

• Durability

• Smoothness on the surface

• Elasticity

• Fast drying

• Unlimited application and color options

  Fields Of Application

• Polyurethane soles

• PVC soles

• Rubber soles

• Thermo-soles

• Abs/Ps Heels

IMP, In-Mold Coatings

Our specially designed product group, which is applied inside the mold after the application of mold release agent suitable for PU production, provides extra physical and aesthetic protection to the product and also it prevents moiré and surface defects that may arise during the reaction stage of the part taken from the mold.



• Excellent light-fastness

• Excellent adhesion

• Fast drying

• High abrasion resistance

• Elasticity

• Unlimited color option

  Fields Of Use

• Automotive PU-Integral

• Automotive PU-RIM

• Automotive PU-Flexible Foam

• Automotive PU-S-RIM

• Automotive PU-Rigid

• Automotive PU-Elastomer Mat

• Insulation PU RIGID

• Insulation PU SEMI-RIGID


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