Furniture Industry

With the experience we have gained in order to produce solutions suitable for our customers' production conditions directly, our company develops high-performance products in furniture and office group in terms of producing foam and technical polyurethane parts.

Mold Release Agents

They are water or solvent-based mold release agents we developed for removing parts which are produced from raw materials such as Flexible Foam, HR, Visco-elastic, Integral skin, Elastomer from molds without causing deformation. Their mixing ratios provide competitive advantages to our business partners in terms of their operations. Our products do not damage the mold used and they do not cause any dirt.


We can develop custom formulas to make the surface of the part look glossy and matte according to the special needs of our customers.

Basic Features

Dry surface

  Wet surface

High gloss, semi-gloss

Matte, semi-matte

Soft/medium/hard films

Low consumption

Ease of use


Smoothness on the surface


Liquid Colorants

Color Slabstock is used in manufacture of foams as a technical identification code for foam types with different colors. The way of bonding of color to the foam and its spreading is very important. It should not change the performance characteristics of the foam in any way. Altuğ Kimya's color products meet these specifications. These are precisely tailored to the respective PU systems and help to keep the processes running smoothly and efficiently. They are highly compatible with polyester or polyether polyurethane systems. They do not contain phthalate.


They are suitable for automatic dosing of polyol or for mixing polyol directly with any kind of PUs. Color formulations are produced in accordance with RAL standard, Pantone Color System, or they can be customized for our customers.


Anti-UV additive can be added when needed.

Basic Features

It has an excellent compatibility with all polyurethane systems

Optimal pigment dispersion by modern dispersion machines

High painting power

Does not damage the form of the finished product

Perfect dosing and rheology feature

Causes no migration

High light-fastness

Mixing ratio between 1% and 5%

High thermal stability

Customer specific production

IMP, In-Mold Coatings

Our specially designed product group, which is applied inside the mold after the application of mold release agent suitable for PU production, provides extra physical and aesthetic protection to the product and also it prevents moiré and surface defects that may arise during the reaction stage of the part taken from the mold.


It significantly reduces the in-mold painting, paint preparation, and application durations and gives the molded part the desired effect and feature by avoiding the imperfections in the mold.


Water or solvent-based formulations can be produced depending on our customers' requirements.


Our solvent-based products can be produced in concentrated form and can be used by diluting with our IMP THINNER No 0019.


Color formulations are produced in accordance with RAL standard, Pantone Color System, or they can be customized for our customers.


Excellent light-fastness

Excellent adhesion

Fast drying

High abrasion resistance


Unlimited color option

Fields Of Use

Garden furniture, armchairs, armrests and backrests

Medical Applications and Technical Parts

Auxiliary Products

Mold Preparation Agents

Mold and Part Cleaners


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